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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Short-term memory loss

I'm delighted to see that Sarah Palin has moved from master executive to foreign policy expert to political pundit in the space of a just a few short weeks.

So as the governor of Alaska waxes thoughtfully on the Barack Obama's decision to by bypass Hillary Clinton as his running mate, it's an appropriate time to recall John McCain's unguarded thoughts about his esteemed colleague, uttered during a campaign stop last year.

Do you really think the GOP ticket would have honored Clinton's presence in the race as either No. 1 or No.2? The McCain camp's efforts to date amount to say, shall we say, putting lipstick on a pig (the very phrase he used to describe Clinton's health care plan).

I'm glad to know Sarah Palin knows about Russia because she can see it from her state. I'm delighted to know she was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. And I'm thrilled that she went to Iraq before she didn't.

I'll let the damn liberal media New York Times sum it all up.

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