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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Truth or consequences?

Apparently the McCain campaign doesn't believe there will be consequences in their Jane Swift-boating of Barack Obama and the truth.

In a nati0n at war in two countries, prices rising along with unemployment and scandals resulting from the lack of financial checks on Wall Street (not to mention a Republican president with ratings in the toilet) John McCain and Sarah Palin have come to believe the one way to win election is to change the subject.

In keeping with that goal, the Steve Schmidt strategy was to drag out another former Massachusetts governor who had problems with mixing job and family and created -- out of whole cloth -- the ludicrous assertion that Barack Obama dissed Sarah Palin

His sin: using the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig" to describe McCain's claim to be an agent of change.

An "outraged" Swift insisted Obama was dissing all women, including the one who only a week ago said the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was, wait for it -- lipstick.

The McCain campaign has been surging -- first with the move into attack mode that centered on equating Obama with Paris Hilton then with the nomination of the unqualified governor of Alaska to be his running mate.

The GOP convention made no reference to the man who has "led" this nation for eight horrific years -- George Walker Bush. And it turned logic on its head by saying the evangelical-rallying Palin was more qualified than Obama because she has been a mayor (of a 9,000-person town) and a governor (of a 670,000-person state).

Nowhere do we hear anything of substance. Only denigration of Obama and his supporters as big city elites who disdain the God-fearing (and overwhelmingly white) folks who attend the GOP convention.

(And if you want another take on this, from a one-time small town resident who now lives in the big city, try this.)

The strategy of the Schmidt effort is to channel Karl Rove and Lee Atwater and raise Obama's negatives. After all it worked with Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry. Avoid substance, slash and burn and convince Americans the Democrat is just too risky.

In reality, the risk is that we elect another Republican to carry on in the traditions of the Bush administration, which has run Washington for eight years -- and the GOP Congress that controlled things for six of the eight years.

McCain is betting there will be no consequences for his shameful behavior. Right now I'm not sure I would want to take that bet.

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