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Monday, September 08, 2008

A very mortal Brady

A scary day if you're a New England Patriots fan -- the franchise is hurt.

No one will dispute the talents the No. 12 -- although the cult of personality that has been building around him (c'mon Globe, you don't write two glowing stories a week about anyone!) is a little too much. But Brady's talent and record is indisputable.

Which is what makes Tony Massarotti's online offering worth the read.

Is it the quarterback who has been so successful? Or is it the coach?

I'm no Bill Belichick fan -- I'm a Cleveland Browns fan and the two thoughts cannot live in the same space. So Life without Brady will be exceptionally interesting for me to observe.

I've seen Belichick mishandle two quarterback situations -- not to mention his shameful contract behavior with the Jets and Spygate. There's a harsh irony that Brady suffered a significant injury right after coming off the injury list for the first time in five years.

Granted honesty and integrity are not crucial to winning football games. But my money is on Brady being the linchpin to the Patriots over the years, not the guy in the hoodie.

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