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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's up with this?

John McCain's call to suspend the foreign policy debate to return to Washington to focus on the Wall Street-induced economic crisis immediately hit me as a cheap political stunt.

Seeing him next to Willard Mitt Romney when he makes the out-of-the-blue proposal to shake up the campaign only confirms it.

McCain is clearly seeing the handwriting on the wall that the economic turmoil is hurting his campaign. A major shakeup is needed and this is it.

Position yourself as a "leader" above politics and ready to return to Washington to hammer out a compromise agreement. Label your opponent as a shameless partisan if he doesn't fall for the feint.

But just how exactly does McCain propose to deal with the crisis? Show up and do his job? He and Obama will be in the same position -- voting yea or nay. The negotiations taking place in the backrooms exclude both candidates.

And as McCain has amply noted -- economics is not his strong suit and the work of his guru, Alan Greenspan, helped get us into this fix.

It's a grandstand stunt from a campaign that once again finds itself looking for Hail Mary completions. The jury is out whether the Sarah Palin nomination did more than shore up his base. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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