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Friday, September 19, 2008

Worst of both worlds

The vetting John McCain should have done continues and maybe we are now seeing what he did find appealing.

This Washington Post story suggests Sarah Palin combines the worst traits of George Bush and Dick Cheney.
... According to lawmakers, senior gubernatorial aides and others who have watched her closely, the woman chosen by Republican Sen. John McCain as his vice presidential running mate has little interest in political give-and-take, or in sustained working relationships with legislators or other important figures around the state. Nor has she proven particularly attentive to the details of public policy. "She's not known for burning the midnight oil on in-depth policy issues," said Larry Persily, a former journalist who was associate director of the governor's Washington office until the spring.
And who does this remind you of (except for the First Spouse role)?
Her admirers view her as gutsy and sure-footed; her detractors see her as reckless and insular. She relies heavily on a small coterie of senior advisers, and her husband, Todd, an oilfield worker and commercial fisherman, is present in the statehouse to a degree unusual for a first spouse, sitting in on news conferences, occasional Cabinet meetings and private sessions with lawmakers.
Add to that her penchant for secrecy -- trying to run public business on private e-mail -- and you begin to see a dangerous amalgam.

And here's one for you palace conspiracy-philes:
With her independent streak and her method of governing by leveraging her popular appeal, some who know Palin wonder privately how she would adapt as second-in-command in a McCain administration.
Dick Cheney without the experience. A truly scary thought.

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