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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Citi Seen

I guess one of our nation's banks is rolling in dough.

While people gnash their teeth pro and con over whether to bail out reckless Wall Street bankers, the folks over at Citibank don't appear to understand the climate.

Obviously I can't link to them, but my count there were at least four full-page ads in today's Boston Globe -- touting its purchase of Wachovia and trumpeting its CD rates. I'm not up on the latest advertising rates, particularly in a newspaper that is starving for revenue -- but I would assume each page runs $50,000 minimum.

So let's say that $200,000 in the Globe. There was also one full-page and two quarter-page ads in the New York Times. A full -page ad in the Times ain't chump change. Factoring in a discount for the New York Times Co., I'm guessing Citibank dropped northward of a half-million dollars in ads in just two newspapers on one day.

I'm happy Citibank is doing its bit to help another struggling business. Let's hope it's not money they expect to receive from taxpayers.

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