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Friday, October 10, 2008

The view from the Left Coast

Some notes while cleaning out the mental suitcases after a week in California and getting the full impact of why John McCain wants to change the subject...
  • $10.10 just to sit down in a taxi at Logan? Welcome to Boston, you sucker tourists. I'd expect a yellow rose and some chocolates too for that price.
  • Flying cross-country does give you a sense of how different we are as a nation. The East Coast features lots of clusters of lights and housing, while the Midwest has vast expanses of nothingness at night. But the West is the eye opener. Rugged mountains where little or no one lives hard against urban sprawl that goes on as far as the eye can see.
  • I finally got the full impact of why folks on the West Coast are none too happy with networks calling presidential elections at 8 p.m. A 6 p.m. "national" debate? A lot of folks are still stuck in homebound traffic at that hour. Fortunately, I didn't miss anything.
  • Glad to see not everyone is suffering from the financial meltdown. A 289-foot yacht? No evidence of a bumper sticker that said my other boat is a dinghy.
  • Thank you Deval Patrick, Sal DiMasi and Terry Murray. The anti-gay marriage commercials that are relentlessly pounding the airwaves are also eroding support for the California marriage equality law. It could have been us subjected to that hate campaign.
  • For all the problems experienced lately by the Globe, it's good to get a gut check. The San Francisco Chronicle always struck me as the weaker of that city's two papers. The old afternoon Examiner, owned by Hearst, was a much better read. Today's Hearst-owned Chronicle is better -- but not as good as the incredibly shrinking Globe. It does have an inventive way to deal with a smaller paper. Try having the C section start at the front and the D section start at the back of the same section. Thankfully the Globe hasn't tried that one -- yet.

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