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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What planet has he been on?

It's only fitting that a campaign which has rejuvenated Saturday Night Live come down to its final days as a reprise of SNL's Bizarro World. Or the late lamented Pogo.

John McCain has met the enemy and he is me. And you. And other readers of this blog who think like me.

Eight years of weapons of mass destruction. Of torture. Of financial abdication where spending goes through the roof while tax revenues plummet through tax breaks for the wealthy. Of Dick Cheney. Of Osama bin Laden. Of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But, my friends, despite all this, the biggest threat this nation faces is -- the liberal.

I don't know whether to be sputtering in anger or sticking my thumbs in my lapels and thrusting my jaw out in pride.

Lindsay Graham, the South Carolina senator and McCain confidante, one of the leaders of the effort to stage a coup through the impeachment of a president over oral sex, says it's urgent for us to "take your country back."

Damn straight.

The GOP fear and smear machine that has been doddering through this campaign is facing the rocks big time. For many acolytes, the conviction of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is further proof of the End of Days.

We have seen corruption -- in the form of Duke Cunningham and Tom Delay. We have seen people who don't practice what they preach like Mark Foley. We have seen George Bush and Dick Cheney -- and minions like David Addington -- treat the Constitution as if it were Charmin. We have been treated to the g-dropping spectacle of Sarah Palin.

But, my friends, if we elect liberals we are all doomed.

To say that the conservative movement has run out of steam is to engage in understatement of the grandest order.

I am proud to be a liberal who believes in the principles of fairness and equality for all citizens, no matter race, creed, color, gender, religion or financial status.

What exactly does a conservative stand for today -- except no taxes? I'd love to hear from those proud conservatives who have seen their principles shattered over the last eight years and have stood up to oppose the fraud being perpetrated in their names.

I've had my shots and I don't bite.

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