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Monday, November 24, 2008

Blame the media

It's as predictable as snow in winter: a politician doesn't like what happens to him or her and the it's the media's fault.

Memo to Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner: it's the FBI, not the media who are responsible for the coverage you are getting. While camping out outside your house is excessive, they are trying to cover legitimate news.

And make no mistake about it -- the arrest of an elected official on bribery allegations is news.
"I am not being judged by a jury of my peers, I am being judged by the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Fox News, Channel 5 …" Turner said. "News outlets that would not cover my work as a city councilor are now knocking at my door every hour."
The reason the media doesn't cover your day job is, simply put, there is no news there. Constituent service -- when it doesn't involve allegedly taking $1,000 in cash -- is not news.

And as for the work of the Council itself? I'm hard pressed to recall when the body stood up (or stood for) anything.

But the media did cover the bogus pictures you offered as alleged proof that US soldiers raped Iraqi women. And what exactly did that have to do with your day job anyway?

There's no question you are entitled to a day in court. And the Council may have been a bit precipitous in cutting you off.

But if you want to know why you are the focus of such intense interest -- look in the mirror.

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