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Friday, November 21, 2008

Every picture tells a story

The FBI really needs to get a better photographer. The lighting really needs work.

But not enough to hide the distinctive mustache and beard of Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner accepting what they allege is a $1,000 bribe for offering his assistance in securing the same liquor license that prompted Dianne Wilkerson to undertake a wardrobe malfunction.

Turner says he is innocent.

But in what may be one of the more serendipitous moments in recent Globe history, Turner is also quoted as saying "ethics never have had a significant influence on American politics." While Turner may have a case when he is talking about the nation's willingness to condone slavery.

But we do tend to take a rather dim view of elected officials (allegedly) taking cash to perform their duties.

We'll see if a jury of his peers is into the idea of nullification.

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