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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How we got into this mess

No big surprise that the federal deficit may top $1 trillion (probably even higher if we were to factor back all the war-related spending that George Bush and the GOP Congress took off budget).

Nor is it a surprise that the Republican creed is, was and will always be no taxes, no matter what.

But it's truly rare to see it spelled out so succinctly.

Republican political consultant Spencer Kimball tells the Globe he's organizing an effort to stop the proposed Mass Pike toll hike. No problem there -- I agree.

But in highlighting the total disconnect between budget and reality that has marked GOP-onomics, Kimball says he doesn't have an answer about how to come up with the cash to pay for what the Big Dig cost:
"It's the legislators' jobs to come up with the answers to these problems," he said.

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