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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr. Irrelevant

As the toll for cleaning up the messes on his watch push upward to $1.5 trillion and beyond, and Barack Obama works quietly behind the scenes to create a new government, we are left with the image of a man who doesn't know when to go away.

OK, in fairness George Bush was acting out one of his final duties by attending a ceremony at the Asian-Pacific Economic Conference, an annual summit that appears to say more about traditional national costumes than anything else.

But Bush, who has never had a good regulator between his brain and his mouth (or anywhere else for that matter), seemed to think the leaders who joined him actually cared for his thoughts on trade and the future of the world economy he has help destabilize through his deregulatory zeal.

It's downright chilling to think that another $500-$700 billion is going to be needed to dig us out of the Bush hole. At least this installment will be spent on putting people to work rather than lining the vaults of banks that still aren't doing what they are supposed to do with the federal largess.

Of course, that's only about half of what it will cost to clean up the latest mess at CitiGroup.

Barack Obama will name is economic team today -- and the sheer anticipation of competence sent the stock market soaring on Friday.

Now all we will need is for Mr. Irrelevant to quietly leave the stage and let people get on with the task of fixing his mess.

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Blogger lovable liberal said...

Oh, hell yes.

November 29, 2008 11:06 PM  

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