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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nasty, brutish -- and long

Well, Thomas Hobbes got two out of three right.

After a seeming eternity and a race that covered the landscape of triviality from cleavage to Joe the Plumber, we've arrived at the pivotal moment. What David Axelrod and Steve Schmidt say and do is no longer central.

We've seen charges of extreme media bias and extreme political beliefs. We've seen the war in Iraq move from center stage to the wings while an economic mess of staggering proportions is threatening to eat up the rest of the wealth that Iraq has not.

This campaign has ranged from the audacity of hope to sheer audacity as it traveled a literal and figurative bridge to nowhere. We've seen the 21st century version of the worst 1950s political epithet hurled while the target who took it with a form of pan coating the once applied to the GOP hero of the 1980s.

And we've seen a man who once stuck to his principles, no matter what, fall victim to the handlers and manipulators who think fear and smear are the key to the White House. A man who as is first decision upon receiving the GOP nomination, selected one of the least qualified people to serve as his No. 2 and who, bereft of ideas for solving the economic mess, joined her in launching a campaign of innuendo, half truths and lies.

As a liberal, I am fearful of the polls. I've lived through 2000 and 2004. I've had precious few Election Night celebrations.

But as I go out and cast my ballot today, I do have a glimmer of hope that, at long last, our long national nightmare of George Bush is almost over and the sun may be peeking through the clouds.

No matter what else you do today -- VOTE!

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