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Saturday, November 01, 2008

October Surprise (II)

Anyone who thinks the last-minute revelations about Barack Obama's half-aunt and her immigration status is not a well-planned, last-minute dirty trick, raise your hand.

I bet you believe in Santa Claus too (although I did see a gent in red with a white beard get on waiting for a bus last night).

My immediate reaction? How low can you go to drag a 56-year-old woman into an international spotlight and destroy her quiet existence in the effort to sway an election? Is this what Republican family values is all about?

The Obama campaign has gone into a quick defensive posture, acknowledging he had spoken to her several times since meeting her in Kenya -- and even inviting her to see him sworn in as a senator.

They have also quickly declared their intention to return the $260 in campaign contributions and to say that while they did not know she was in the country illegally, they believe immigration laws must be followed.

Textbook damage control efforts in the final hours of the campaign.

There can now be little doubt this was The October Surprise. The tip about her living in a South Boston housing development was leaked to a British newspaper, timed to come out in the final week of the campaign. No point giving it to the "ultra-liberal" Boston Globe or even the Boston Herald, now suspect in conservative eyes.

The dime-dropper (does any phone really cost only 10 cents anymore) undoubtedly also knew about her immigration status too.

The Rabid Right is already clawing back in blogs and in newspaper comment sections. The folks who have peddled in smears about where Obama was born, where he attended school, what his religious faith think this is the magic bullet to destroy him.

All they have succeeded in doing is destroy a 56-year-old woman, a bystander in this drive-by smear.

I agree -- if she overstayed her visa and is in the country illegally, she must face the consequences. But I cringe at the depth of the hatred involved in McCain partisans (and to this point there is no evidence McCain himself is aware of this) to play this gutter move.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Some surprise.

In this watershed time on the edge of 'Great Depression', The Sequel while the Afghan war deteriorates and 1 in 5 home owners here is under water from mortgage burdens, this is the best they can come up with, an odd human interest story about a Kenyan woman stranded in the palatial public housing of Southie?

One of the reasons Gramps is in the ditch is due to his steadfast refusal to provide any useful or appealing answers to the more pressing matters on the national plate.

He madly lurches from one shrill and useless blast after another until he has only the shrill among us to prop him up.

November 01, 2008 2:59 PM  

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