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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time Out!

Here we are, one week removed from the election and weeks before the inauguration of Barack Obama and the 2012 speculation have already begun.


The Sarah Palin Rehabilitation Show is on the road and on the airwaves. Mike Huckabee has his own show on Fox News (can Hillary be far behind? Just kidding.) and has a book tour slated to launch in Iowa. One of Mitt Romney's top political aides says the Mittser probably won't run again -- but then again we know how he loves to change his mind.

All this brings to mind the fact that historically Republican candidates emerge from the ashes of defeat while Democrats don't believe in second chances and devour their losers.

I think they could use some role reversal right now. But as a liberal, if this is the best the GOP has to offer for 2012, I think the Obamas should get quite cozy in the White House.

Palin is now freed from the shackles of the McCain team that, with perfect 20-20 hindsight, was doing its best to shield itself from the mistake it made in failing to properly vet their vice prsidential choice.

Teaming up with GOP-TV (er, Fox), she is out to offer a hearty "so's your old man" to McCain and crew who have done some serious Palin-bashing since the tea leaves became obvious. The key to her message is that it's everyone else's fault -- McCain, the media, heck even that "anti-America" she rapped in Blue North Carolina.

Palin's concern for her reputation is understandable -- and her off-handed references to 2012 and beyond are not subtle. And in a fractured Republican Party, she is indeed the darling of a small but vocal minority -- one that also hates Romney.

But if the GOP continues to head in the direction of pandering to the Christian Right, it will soon be hlding its conventions in the same telephone booth as the Massachusetts Republican Party -- which has shriveled into nothingness thanks to those very same Christian Right zealots.

The party of Abraham Lincoln needs to conduct a serious reappraisal of who it is and what it stands for. They virtually do not exist in the Northeast -- while Democrats have started to make inroads into the South that was once solidly opposed to them.

As of now, the welcome mat has been pulled up for moderates who believe in fiscal restraint but also social policies not crafted and endorsed from pulpits.

Nor is it surprising that even with efforts to tar Barack Obama as a Muslim radical out to destroy Israel he bested John Kerry's performance among Jewish voters.

Right now, the GOP is in tatters. The base that George Bush pandered to keeps shrinking as he drove away hordes of potential voters. The candidates inching to the starting gate appeal to that dwindling base only. The other "hopefuls" down the road -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for example -- are as untested as Palin.

It's hard to see a "uniter" warming up in the GOP bullpen. So we could be looking at Sarah in 2012. Or even Newt Gingrich.

We shoud all turn away now. It's too early. Not to mention it's not right to stare at the wreckage of a pile-up.

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