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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bottom of the deck dealing

Just when you thought the Beacon Hill ethics miasma couldn't get any swampier, Thomas Kelly comes through to restore -- or totally shatter -- your faith.

The Globe reports Kelly, a close friend, neighbor and fund-raiser of state Treasurer Tim Cahill was collecting lobbying fees from BOTH sides vying for a contract from the state Lottery Commission controlled by Cahill.

Cahill says he knew nothing of Kelly's activities for Scientific Games, one of the companies vying for the business. The other, Bingo Innovative, ended its relationship with Kelly after learning he was on Scientific Games' payroll and is suing both Kelly and Cahill for "civil conspiracy."

Frankly, this one is tough to follow, involving allegations of laundered payments through third parties. But what is clear is that Kelly has some rather questionable business practices.

And it is yet another reminder that the Massachusetts ethics law -- contrary to some opinion -- are in need of some very serious overhaul.

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