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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Jeer?

I'm guess I'm starting to take my self-appointed role as a moral arbiter a bit too seriously.

But then, I just can't let pass Jon Keller's un-Christmas-y slap at the late Harold Pinter's politics in noting the playwright's death. OK, he may seriously disagree with Pinter's politics (and he dug up some pretty obscure reference material) but the timing reveals a certain Scrooge-Grinch focus that might best be described as churlish.

And that picture. Did Pinter have horns?

At least he didn't offer a similar treatment for the late Eartha Kitt, who will be remembered for speaking truth to power at a White House luncheon hosted by then First Lady Lady Bird Johnson.

And it is a far better performance than some Lakers' fans displayed in response to my ruminations about Sasha Vujacic (we'll get 'em in June!)

So Jon, in the spirit of the season, how about drinking a cup of kindness? Or maybe just a Harpoon IPA. My treat.

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