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Friday, December 12, 2008

Green with envy

The news today is grim: the auto industry is tanking and is taking the stock market with it. Jobs is/are becoming a four-letter word. Heck, even Prada and Gucci need to run sales for Christmas.

So instead of wallowing in the gloom and doom, I've decided to take on a third rail issue: what does it take for the Boston Celtics to get recognized around here?

Hit the front page of Boston.com and there is Terry Francona modeling the new road uniform. There's even a gallery displaying the alternate road uni and the matching hat. Skip down to the next line (at least if you are an early riser or insomniac) and there, in tiny print you will catch: "C's 122, Wizards 88: Wizardy continues."

Ho hum. Another day, another Celtics blowout.

But go to the real newspaper, you know the one that is slowly drowning in red ink, and you discover:

WASHINGTON - When you play for a franchise that has won an NBA-best 17 titles and boasts Hall of Famers Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, and Larry Bird among many others, it's hard to do something that hasn't been done in franchise history. Well, today's Celtics accomplished that rare feat last night.

The Celtics pushed to a franchise-best 21-2 start by hammering the Washington Wizards, 122-88, at the Verizon Center. With their 13th straight win, the Celtics also tied the sixth-best winning streak in franchise history. With two more wins, the defending champs will match the best 25-game start in league history.

Heck, even the Bruins have made the front page more recently than the C's -- not to denigrate the rebirth of a once-proud franchise.

For all the talk of Title Town, only one franchise currently wears the moniker "defending champions." They have run up 13 straight, 21 of 23. That kind of streak merited the Patriots regular front page attention.

They are also locked in a tight race for bragging rights with the hated Los Angeles Lakers -- the Left Coast equivalent of the Yankees. And don't you love Kobe Bryant as much as you love A-Rod?

Let's not even talk about the Vegas oddsmakers. After watching the whipping the Celtics laid on the Lakers last June (can you say Sasha Vujacic? Well no, neither can I but I do recall how Ray Allen humiliated him the lane) what did they do? They promptly installed the Lakers as the favorites to take the crown from the Celtics.

Despite what is now 17 titles, the Celtics have always been the forgotten team around here. We went through 22 long years in the desert before Allen and Kevin Garnett joined Paul Pierce to create something special. Can't we savor it just a little bit before spring training?

If the answer is yes, I have two last words for you: Rajon Rondo.

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