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Monday, December 08, 2008

The human Rorschach test

Hey Republicans -- not sure which way to take the party? Can't decide whether the problem was being too conservative or not conservative enough? Trying to figure out how to recover from the 2008 campaign?

Have I got a candidate for you

Yep, the history books have yet to record the swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama -- and the new administration has yet to tackle the twin nightmares of the economy and the wars in Iraq but the Grand Old Party is already looking to the next election.

And who is already there -- offering to be the standard-bearer? Why none other than Myth Romney, the Incredibly Flexible Man. He can be whoever you want him to be!

The Globe reports today that Romney has been soaking up cash -- ostensibly to support GOP candidates in the last political cycle. But in classic Romney fashion, the man from Massachusetts-New Hampshire-Utah-Michigan is saying one thing and doing another.

The former Massachusetts governor has raised $2.1 million for his Free and Strong America political action committee. But only 12 percent of the money has been spent distributing checks to Romney's fellow Republicans around the country.

Instead, the largest chunk of the money has gone to support Romney's political ambitions, paying for salaries and consulting fees to over a half-dozen of Romney's longtime political aides, according to a Globe review of expenditures.

All perfectly legal, say campaign finance experts. And oh, so Myth.

Polls (yes, some bozo has taken them and this bozo has read them) say Romney is running a close third behind Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin for GOP loyalties four years hence.

The two "leaders" ostensibly appeal to the hard core religious wing of the party. Myth, as we know, does not. Could we be witnessing yet another metamorphosis, with Romney blooming as new (pretty) face and voice of the "pragmatic" wing that is expected to emerge?

The only constancy in Romney is his salesman-bred focus of doing whatever it takes to close the deal. Don't be surprised to see Myth tack back to the center to win the hearts and minds of what's left of the GOP faithful.

Of course, it would be nice if we all gave Obama a chance to issue even one executive order before the jockeying begins.

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