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Sunday, December 14, 2008

"The middle of nowhere"

Memo to Arthur Young, the "chatty environmental consultant in town from San Francisco for the recent Greenbuild conference." Expect a not-so-nice shot across the bow from Tom Menino as a souvenir of your recent visit.

Young was a key source for the Globe's City Weekly piece on the promise and reality of the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. And in accurately summing of the dearth of off-convention options ringing the hall, Young no doubt irked the Mayor-for-Life. Big time:
"This could be Kansas City," he said. "This could be Dubai."
Today's story redeems the Globe -- at least for one day -- from my criticism over the weekly insert that seems to a fluff feature section.

But while I want to give the Globe the props for a good story I can't help but wonder why this story would not have been a better fit in Metro or Business. (Please tell me the cash-strapped newspaper didn't really pay for a reporter to fly over and stay in Europe to report on gasoline prices and driving habits).

Hopefully the Mayor's response will be on recycled paper. The city could probably get a good deal.

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