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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet deal!

I've decided I want to work for Massport.

Three weeks of vacation after one year on the job. The ability to buy back three weeks of vacation and add it to the base of my pension earnings.

Heck, my employer rolls my unused vacation time into an extended sick leave fund should I ever need it. They're no fun! Of course, neither am I if I have unused time.

As a one-time public sector employee I have sympathy for them against some of the broadly hurled criticism. The vast majority are honest people doing honest work at a salary lower than they could receive in the private sector.

But abuses like the Massport vacation policy (following on the heels of the Massport sick leave policy) makes it hard for them.

I don't care if no tax dollars are spent to support Massport. There is a bunch of public cash from the Tobin Bridge tolls and anyone who ever uses Logan pays a portion of their airline ticket to feed the beast.

It's interesting that Mercer Human Resource Consulting report that delved into Massport's policies after the sick leave debacle makes no mention of its findings in its final report.

Mercer found no state agency or independent authority with a vacation sell-back benefit, according to Massport records obtained by the Globe under the state public record law.

It also found only two of seven airports surveyed nationally had vacation sell-backs, and both were limited to two weeks, rather than Massport's three-week policy.

Obviously the Globe found them. I wonder why they were excluded from the final report?



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