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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blast from the past

The MBTA must be riding a wave of Green Line nostalgia today.

The official news was renaming the Science Park stop to include the name of a neighborhood that died more than 50 years ago to make way for "urban renewal" and Charles River Park.

Then there was Green Line car 3697 this morning. Not quite that far back, but the fare information posted on the inside door of the operator's cabin -- the side open to the sardines amassed within its narrow confines -- said we were all overcharged.

That's because it listed the fare as $1.25 inbound -- with free outbound service after Kenmore and Symphony.

I want a refund. Even if the posted fares are two years out of date.

At least that explains why the cars are so dirty. No one bothers to look at them.

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