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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Do Boston Globe copy editors read the stories to the end?

"What's new here?" was the question that nagged me throughout Sasha Issenberg's Page One opus on the Obama administration's plan to continue a White House Office of Political Affairs.

Waiting for some revelation that would make this story so newsworthy I kept going -- and got to the penultimate paragraph:
"It's not new anymore; there's nothing revelatory about it," said Kathryn Dunn Tenpas, a University of Pennsylvania political scientist who has written about the history of the permanent campaign. "There seems to be this irrevocable trend where it just gets more and more sophisticated with every administration, and there's no turning back."
Yeah, and given the fact the Republicans never stop mixing politics with governing it would seem suicidal to stop it.

It appears the only "news" here is that Obama, unlike his predecessors is being open about it. Maybe that's why the story's blog version has exactly zero comments the last time I looked.

How many trees died for this?

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