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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Message for the future

I've never been one to watch the video of the planes slamming into the Twin Towers. I already the outcome and I had no reason to relive the horror.

But I decided to take a look at the video of Flight 1549 landing on the Hudson -- and had an epiphany of sorts. I'm sure I'm not the only to feel this way either.

The Bush era will be sandwiched between two enormous New York airplane-related events. One had a horrific ending, the result of an administration that ignored the warning signs and took the wrong message away from the disaster. The second, a happy ending, the result of the calm and skills of a flight crew allowed to do their jobs.

The only positive comparison between the two is the response of the rescuers. I frankly never knew that water ferries could move that fast. But to see that plane surrounded, literally within minutes, is almost as awesome as the footage of the splash down.

Kudos to the crews of Flight 1549, the ferry boats and everyone else who pulled off an incredible feat. Let us hope it is symbolic of possibilities of the next years.

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