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Thursday, January 08, 2009

No time to panic -- yet

Exactly what happened out in LA on Christmas Day?

The Boston Celtics, once known as the team that devoured the NBA, has turned into an alien life form, losing six of their last eight since that fateful day. The Bobcats? The Knicks?

While it pains to me side and cite with such journalistic exemplars as Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges, this post-holiday season of giving, while painful, is not cause to cancel plans for a June Duck boat parade just yet (remember the Atlanta series last spring).

The Celtics have not dominated teams this year in the same way as last year in rolling up the gaudy 27-2 mark. Not to mention that teams watch tape and copy things. And as CHB notes, while we are touting Rajon Rondo for an All-Star berth at the age of 22, Hall of Fame enshrinement is a bit premature.

Rondo will adjust to the tactics being thrown at him. He does appear to be the real deal. Shooting slumps will end.

Doc Rivers, for one, has it in perspective:
"I kept saying, 'We're not playing well'; now you guys believe me," Rivers said last night. "You could see where the team was headed. And we're in it right now."
Yes, home court advantage is important and it would be nice to have it if there is another seven-game battle with Cavaliers. But while I get a little queasy reading the stories, I'm not ready to thrown in the towel. It's January -- with three months to go.

We got too high in the 19-game winning streak. Let's not overdue it in the other direction now.

And I'll keep telling myself that every day.

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