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Saturday, January 17, 2009

That wasn't easy

I thought the web was supposed to make things easier in dealing with companies. Maybe someone should inform National Grid.

Click the link that appears at the top of a Google search of "National Grid MA" and you are transported to National Grid's Mass Electric web site. All well and good, except for one little thing.

I'm a natural gas customer, a remnant from the day they bought out Keyspan (which bought out Boston Gas).

It was only after several futile attempts to log in to my accounts that my not-so-eagle eyes spotted the words "masselectric" in the URL. Searching high and low, I found no reference to natural gas on the page.

Back to Google, add the word "gas" and lo and behold you are transported to a page where gas is one of the options listed under the image of a major electric power line thingamajig.

I guess gas customers must be less important -- or electric customers have so many more problems that they've pushed the Masselectric link up to No.1 in the search.

I won't even get into the gory details of three separate bills, arriving in three separate envelopes, containing three separate payment amounts to reflect a meter change. Or the fact that they can no longer make my unit bill and the condo bill arrive at the same time.

It will probably take a rate hike to hire a competent web designer (and billing software programmer) to make this work.

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