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Monday, January 05, 2009

What is he inhaling?

Proud papas are well and good and it's nice that they encourage their sons to strive to be their best, but puhleeze:
Another President Bush?

Perhaps so, says former president George H.W. Bush, who has already seen one son, George W., serve in the Oval Office. The nation's 41st president said yesterday that he would like to see a second son, Jeb, be president one day.

The likelihood that the American people will turn the keys to the Oval Office over to another Bush would seem to be rather slim today. Can you say a war fought on false pretenses, an economy shattered by a blind eye and a Constitution treated like Charmin?

That would come on top of the legacy of a war and battered economy that marked the first Bush term. Some might argue the elder Bush's decision not to pursue Saddam Hussein left the door open for his son's misadventures. And while he did not destroy the economy as his son did, let's not forget the phrase that got Bill Clinton elected.

Personally, I see a trend that any good candidate -- Republican or Democrat -- could run on.

Best wishes to Bush 41 when he goes skydiving later this year to celebrate his 85th birthday. Just make sure Junior doesn't pack the chute.

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