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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buy American -- Citi style

I think I just figured out how Citibank will repay American taxpayers for the federal bailout (and the front page and full-page ads they are buying in The New York Times.)

The bills are coming due from a brief respite in Aruba -- an island so American-friendly that U.S. Customs welcome you home there and merchants gladly accept dollars as readily as Aruban florins.

So imagine my surprise to see a foreign transaction fee tacked onto the bill -- for charges made in American dollars. At least I paid it off at one time, thereby avoiding their effort to jack up the interest rate by a full 16 percent if I had thought about time payments.

For the record, this was a first after multiple trips to the island. And so far, charges made through other credit card companies such as American Express don't come with fees attached.

Glad to help them keep the flow of costly advertising up. I can't wait to help when they join the chorus bellyaching about the loss of bonuses for the geniuses who flushed the economy down the toilet.

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