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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cable TV news ate my brain

I'm back, tanned, rested and ready. Well one out of three ain't bad.

After a week away I now know -- thanks to the good folks at CNN -- that Michael Phelps behaved like a normal college-aged male; that Barack Obama took his first rides on Marine One and Air Force One; and that Andy Card thinks Obama is demeaning the office because he doesn't wear a suit coat in The Oval Office (no word about Card's ex-boss disrespecting the Constitution).

Oh, and praise be, I know that Ashley Judd and Sarah Palin had a war of words on "Larry King Live" about something. And it was news to discover that Larry King is indeed alive!

Sort of makes you miss Boston television and newspapers.

Yep, after a steady diet of what cable TV affectionately calls news I am far more educated on Republican stimulus talking points (no context mind you, just straight "they report, I decide" coverage of a press conference). I am also painfully aware that a California woman looking for fulfillment decided to add eight children to an already healthy brood of six.

I learned this while watching newscasts that featured discussion of "newly released" information that was actually released the day before. And I also learned that an Arkansas doctor injured in a car explosion was not the victim of foul play -- before I learned that he was.

This was just CNN too. No Fox News Channel propaganda for me. And you wonder why people don't respect the media?

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