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Monday, February 09, 2009

Dodo politics

They have a blustery figurehead who spews hate when he speaks. They are a home for zealots who believe religion should drive society. Women are shunned and shunted into the background. No wonder the Republican Party is comparing itself to the Taliban.

Determined never to learn the lessons of defeat, the motley band of GOPers on Capitol Hill have now taken pride in their obstinacy and resistance. Certain there's is the only one true path to salvation, they pat themselves on the back for the "insurgent" tactics and proudly compare themselves to the intolerant religious zealots of Afghanistan -- a group they wrote off as the real international problem in their quixotic pursuit of Saddam Hussein.

And while the nation demands action to fix the deep problems caused on their watch, GOP "leaders" are talking tactics, not results.
The second-ranking House Republican, Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), put it more bluntly. "What transpired . . . and will give us a shot in the arm going forward is that we are standing up on principle and just saying no," he said.
What principle is that? Balanced budgets? Fiscal responsibility? That reputation went out the door when Bill Clinton balanced budgets made unbalanced by Ronald Reagan and George Bush blew a hole into the American economy so deep that we are now floating on the edge of an abyss.

And of course Bush was aided and abetted by a Republican Congress that abandoned leadership and fiscal restraint by railroading foreign and domestic policy without so much as a whit of concern about what Democrats thought.

They continue to believe in the holy grail of deregulation and tax cuts for the rich -- the John Thains and Bernard Madoffs -- as the only true way to victory. Never mind the wreckage that is obvious to everyone that the policy was an abject failure.

And these same Republicans now see weakness in Barack Obama'a effort to fulfill a campaign pledge to reach across the divide and do what the American people want -- end the partisan bickering.

And just like their heroes, the Taliban, the GOP intends to soldier on, firm in their own belief of the righteousness of their cause. Led by Ayatollah Rush, they seek their heavenly reward of an intolerant society where one religion is right and true and the heathens and non-believers repent or die.

Guys, I really would get a new PR strategy. Or at least grow long beards.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Good to see you back.

Jeez, I don't know why they are doing this except for the possibility, they concluded that the real reason for their electoral wipe out is that they weren't wingnutty enough.

God they sound ridiculous and every time they engage in this pointless sandbagging, Wall street panics and sheds a few percentage points to further shred 401k, incite layoffs and what have you.

I'm guessing that they'll cave in some scurrilous way before long while emitting some distracting skunk stink to mask the slink.

They know who their owners are and the owners want the stimulus to pass.

February 09, 2009 10:58 AM  

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