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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Instant analysis

I'm old enough to remember when critics (mainly Republicans) used to slam the television networks for the "instant analysis" of presidential speeches.

We now live in an age where everyone gets that chance -- in 140 characters or less. I'm not so sure that's an improvement.

I took an after-the-fact look at three of the people I follow, Dan Kennedy, anamariecox, and fakerahmemanuel (do not read with small children looking over your shoulder.)

Some interesting observations and a few good laughs -- certainly things I wouldn't hear on the networks. But nothing that could not wait to morning.

Then again. Bobby Jindal could wait until morning and based on the early reviews he shouldn't be so quick in dismissing unemployment benefits -- he may be needing them. (That could have been a neat Tweet).

Twitter remains an emerging concept. I see its utility in bringing breaking news to a broader audience more quickly (without the fact-checking of course). However, I'm not convinced 140 character analysis is the way to go.

But at least it's more interesting than hearing what someone had for breakfast.

That said, I'm there too. It could be a real Tweet (boo, hiss...)

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