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Friday, February 27, 2009

Some elephants do forget

Listening to the debate and analysis coming out of Washington, I can't help being struck by one fact: Republicans seem to have been struck by the largest reported case of amnesia in recorded history.

Whether it's John Boehner standing up for fiscal responsibility or Bobby Jindal using Katrina as an example of the effectiveness of federal action, the Elephant Party seems to be living in a bizarro world.

And despite what some of my liberal friends might think, Barack Obama is not turning his back on the promises he made while campaigning.

We must try to change direction because the policies over the last 30 years -- and particularly the last eight -- have failed. Tax cuts for the rich have not goosed the economy as suggested by Reaganomics and supply siders.

They created massive deficits, widened the gap between rich and poor and generated reckless behavior among corporate and financial "leaders" who put themselves above everyday people. Those are the roots of the meltdown -- despite all the best efforts of Rush and his GOP spinmeisters to change the subject.

Anyone who looks at the current mess and suggests the solution is more of the same is putting politics and ideology over the common good.

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Blogger robertxpr said...

I do agree, no society can be stable if there huge gap between rich and poor... our leaders must focus on this to come out of the current mess


February 27, 2009 11:39 AM  

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