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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Idiotic Gaffe?

Respectable business journalists like Joe Nocera of the New York Times are now counseling Congress and the American people to get a grip when it comes to AIG.

I agree that a Sopranos-like piano wire fate should not befall most of the folks who received bonuses on Uncle Sucker's dime (which is different than saying they should keep the cash.)

But I have a hard time coming to a reasonable resolution when I see stories suggesting that AIG executives are still not leveling with the American people.

I'm sure the spinmeisters are hard at work this weekend trying to explain why they really meant $218 million in bonuses were paid out instead of a mere $165 million.

But it does get tiresome watching them revise and extend their excuses. So while I don't support the concept of gangland hits on everyone who get a bonus, I may consider using AIG executives and their enablers as test cases to see if waterboarding is really not a form of torture as Dick Cheney continues to insist.

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