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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Buried deep in the Globe's look at the MBTA's revenue-raising plan to beautify Massachusetts by erecting billboards across the area is this nugget:
[MBTA General Manager Dan] Grabauskas is hoping for a legislative bailout, in the form of an increased gas tax, but took the first step yesterday toward the fare increases and service cuts that could be necessary if that does not come through. He authorized spending $86,000 to analyze the potential socioeconomic, environmental, and revenue effects of a fare increase - a legal requirement any time the agency raises the cost of commuting.
How many fares does it take to add up to $86,000?

Since the T has gotten good at raising fares, you would think there would be some inside folks who could handle the legal requirement for less than $86,000.

And as for the billboards -- why not plaster a few more obnoxious Legal Seafood ads onto trains? Yes, the T needs to maximize ad revenues. But it seems to me there's an awful lot of vacant space in and on their rolling stock that could be exploited first.

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Anonymous Jeanne said...

So, I'm commenting from the right side of the road here. But I agree again with you completely. Maybe there is some common ground between liberals and conservatives if we focus on the specific issues are hand. Some things are neither liberal nor conservative; they are just common sense.

March 26, 2009 7:48 PM  

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