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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shovel-ready reporter

Political reporters pride themselves on their need to carry a proverbial shovel to be able to deal with the ahem, muck, that is often strewn about them.

So it's a bit of a surprise that the Herald's enterprising reporter doesn't understand the concept of "shovel ready" that has been bandied about throughout the stimulus bill process by both Barack Obama and Deval Patrick.

In today's column he waxes pseudo-indignantly that "you may not be able to afford gas or tolls, along with your skyrocketing grocery, insurance and utility bills. But we’ll all be driving on fantastic roads and riding in shiny trains and buses..."

Memo to reporter and desk: these projects will enable some people, particularly those who work construction and read the Herald, to go back to work and make the money for pay for the grocery, insurance and utility bills that went through the roof thanks to the foolish actions of Globe-reading financial services executives.

Did I clear away enough of the muck?

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

The Hairoil is merely the local franchise for bankrupt GOP 'talking points' and obfuscation smoke grenades.

The GOP is like some caged meth rat going nuts with last ditch blasts in the mistaken notion that if you just yell louder and more often about the merits of a proven bankrupt outlook, then it will somehow 'work'.

Of course there will be a legion of busy hardhats on the loose before long and they have been clobbered and half traumatized by the housing biz cliff dive and public works seize ups.

In fact, by the time the temporary project cycle concludes, there is an excellent chance the Hairoil and Glob will be awash in debt and semi bankrupt.

March 08, 2009 1:00 PM  

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