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Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking on water aboard the SS Deval

Another day, another disaster on the SS Deval. The continuing missteps are certainly a major role for his plummeting popularity. But as the Herald lead notes, Patrick is in the unfortunate position of being the figurehead for a Beacon Hill gone wild.

With anger mounting at each new outrage at the national level, the trickle down is turning into a torrent. And Patrick is also paying for the sins of his amigos, the now-departed House Speaker Sal DiMasi and Senate President Therese Murray, who apparently believes that reform first applies to others and not the scandal-plagued Senate.

That leaves Patrick the obvious target of all the abuse being directed at the dysfunctional system.

But like Jay Fitzgerald, I'm not quite ready to fit the corner office for new furniture and draperies. Treasurer Tim may have low unfavorables today, but it's a long way to September 2010.

And with all due respect to the respected Wayne Woodlief, the Massachusetts Republican Party doesn't appear to have any A-listers lurking in the weeds.

Patrick is presiding over one of the most volatile times in American political life. The economic crash is going to force government to slash services and raise taxes. That is the equivalent of political suicide and I would make sure my eyes are protected during all the fingerpointing.

It's not as if the governor hasn't offered some solid proposals. They just have not been timely and even a seemingly quiet success like auto insurance reform has come loaded with a misstep.

Patrick's biggest threat lies in the next few months, Some very difficult choices are fast approaching. He can right the ship by returning to Candidate Deval and being the comforting leader who appealed to our better selves. Or he can continue to be Governor Deval, who has developed a tin ear and a taste for sketchy deals.

The Cahill challenge may be just the thing he needs -- right down to the fact the treasurer is far deeper into the swamp than Patrick, whose mistakes are symbolic rather than ethical.

And I was worried I would have nothing to blog about.

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Blogger Not Whitey Bulger said...

Taking on water? As in Watergate maybe? Maybe he can have Marian Walsh erase some tape for him.

March 28, 2009 8:09 AM  

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