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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clueless wonders

Let's see now: Gov. Deval Patrick is positioning himself for a tough re-election fight while Massachusetts House members have only the public interest at heart in taking a vote on a sales tax increase before completing action on ethics, pension and transportation reform.

If you believe that, there's a bridge I can sell you. But buyer beware: It may be ready to fall down from years of neglect by a Legislature that failed to rein in Big Dig costs and squandered cash.

Rep. Michael Rodrigues, a Westport Democrat, may be guilty of one of the most mind-numbingly clueless (but incredibly sanctimonious) comments in Massachusetts political history with this little gem he left with the Globe's Matt Viser:
"We'll be on guard now and we'll realize that we don't have the type of partner in the corner office that we thought we had. It's the governor positioning his reelection campaign. He's going to now try and position himself as an outsider reformer and run against the Legislature."
Excuse me? After key members of Speaker Robert DeLeo's leadership team said there was a strong preference for one tax vote? Could that possibly be because they were positioning for a reelection campaign?

Or what can you make of the House's likely decision to restore dollars for the Quinn Bill, a pet of police unions, that is apparently important enough to generate a finger-jabbing exchange between Malden Democrat Chris Fallon and DeLeo? At a legislative fund-raiser.

Memo to clueless lawmakers: the Globe may be gasping for air but it's still around. So is the Herald and thanks to the Web your own words and deeds are recorded for posterity and playback.

Patrick would be guilty of political malpractice is if he did not run against the Legislature. Apparently they were looking for a patsy to stand by silently while they offered "leadership" similar to the type they showed by dumping the Big Dig cost overruns on the Turnpike Authority, then making it the fall guy for the disaster that ensued.

Or giving the T a penny on the sales tax while ignoring its debt problems.

The unnamed House leader quoted by the Globe as saying "it's personal with 160 people" likely was looking in the mirror as he or she was thinking about their own survival.

And I do hope the "leader" can count dollars better than heads. It's no more than 159 people. There's a vacancy in the North End where the representative stepped down amid a swirl of questions about the way the business of the House was conducted.

You may remember him. His name is Sal DiMasi.

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