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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The future of Boston news

I have seen the future of Boston news should the New York Times shutter the Boston Globe. And it ain't pretty.

There it was -- on page A12, deep in the bowels of the National section, next to the latest on the Craigslist killer: "To Save Money, M.I.T. Drops 8 Sports Teams".

Breaking news. Film at 11.

Two weeks after its longing look back at the 20th anniversary of Harvard's sole NCAA hockey title (totally ignoring eventually Frozen Four winner BU), the Times was scouring the Boston collegiate sports scene again, offering scintillating details missing from a story the Globe ran a day earlier. How could we live without this detail?
The announcement ended several weeks of meetings and student hand-wringing over which of M.I.T.’s 41 Division III varsity teams would be cut. Being an innovative lot, M.I.T. students looked for ways to save programs, including fund-raising and protests. Some disgruntled students even kidnapped Tim the Beaver, the institute’s mascot, demanding that all 41 teams be kept. (The student playing Tim was released unharmed, although the costume’s head eventually ended up on the John Harvard statue in Harvard Yard.)
Hand-wringing indeed. We have it all wrong about the threat to the Globe. The Times will be there with tough looks at MIT and Harvard athletics. And as an extra bonus we can read their coverage of Yankee games at Fenway Park!

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