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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The House's Sacred Cow

I wish I could say I am surprised to see that Massachusetts House members have their priorities straight -- even as the economy tanks and the social safety net crumbles.

If there is anything more sacred in the House than the Cod that hangs from the eaves of the balcony, it surely must be the need to cater to the needs of lobbyists who pour thousands of dollars into their re-election coffers.

How else to explain the apparent ability of backers of the Quinn Bill, one of the larger special interest boondoggles around, to prevail at the same time people are being threatened with homelessness, not to mention fewer police officers being around to collect on their education benefits.

It also tells you all you really need to know about the power of Speaker Robert DeLeo, he who was on the receiving end of the "finger-jabbing" exchange with Malden Democrat Chris Fallon.

Fallon of course attempts to cloak this in lofty rhetoric.
I don't know if you can emphasize enough the impacts of having an educated police force. I don't think the state, given this economic time, should be telling people: 'By the way we're going to be cutting your pay. We're gong to be cutting an incentive.' "
No, we're going to be cutting your cruisers instead. And your shifts. And of course public safety.

I guess the concept of "shared sacrifice" goes out the window when you have 81 votes. And they really should change that animal hanging from the ceiling to the Sacred Cow.

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Blogger Fever said...

So are you surprised that Democratic lawmakers are once again backing a union? If you want to start pointing fingers, start with yourself for lobbying your readers to vote Democrat.

April 21, 2009 2:39 PM  

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