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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nibbling sliders while Massachusetts tanks

It appears the Massachusetts Legislature is doing all it can to improve Deval Patrick's poll rankings.

On the same day a "grim" Patrick his third round of emergency cuts by slicing another 750 executive branch jobs (bringing the total to 1,750) and 5,000 furloughs, legislative attention seemed elsewhere in advance of today's House Ways and Means budget unveiling. As the Globe's Matt Viser notes:
As they formulate their spending plans, the lawmakers have also been raising campaign money, a Beacon Hill tradition at budget season. Murphy hosted a fund-raiser last week at the Liberty Hotel ballroom, complete with meatball sliders and lamb chops. DeLeo held a fund-raiser last night at Tecce's, and House lawmakers were rushing to wrap up debate on pension reform to trek over to the North End restaurant.
Let's see now -- fund-raisers during budget season -- why would they time it like that? Lucky for them they don't let cameras in. (Lucky?)

The anticipated House budget won't have a lot of room for meatball sliders and lamb chops. We know that despite a minimum of leaks because newly installed Ways and Means boss (he of the Liberty Hotel fund-raiser) has ruled out taxes -- to the point of ignoring several revenue proposals Patrick laid on the table earlier this year.

But as former Speaker Sal DiMasi spokesman David Guarino notes in his new dreaded private sector blog, the real test of where the House is will come on Friday -- the day amendments are due.

Wilmington's Jim Miceli, a House veteran, isn't sanguine about what his colleagues will do. He tells the Herald's Hillary Chabot:
“I’ll bet the amendments filed in this budget break the record.”
A word of advice to those counting the days to when Patrick walks through the center doors and down the Statehouse steps: don't get ahead of yourself. The Legislature may be the best thing he has running for him in 2010.

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Blogger Daniel said...

Thank goodness for "The Great Marian Walsh Debacle"- that red herring will allow us to put off solving our fiscal problems for another generation. Buckle up for another MBTA fare increase courtesy of DeLeo and Terry Murray.

April 15, 2009 8:30 AM  
Anonymous Joel Patterson said...

Senate President Murray is a single mother, albeit, one who now has a good deal of financial security that most single mothers don't have.

How many working single mothers in Massachusetts need the T and commuter rail because they can't afford a car?

When Senator Murray shuts down these services, she will be making many single mothers lives that much tougher, taking away their mobility, making it tougher for them to travel to work, to the grocery, to night school.

It says a lot about a person's character to climb a rope ladder up to the top.

But it says something totally different about a person's character when that person at the top pulls up the rope ladder so others can't climb up.

April 15, 2009 10:18 PM  

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