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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pirates of Massachusetts Bay

Avast maties, haul up the Jolly Roger! There be gold in Boston!

Boston Mayor Tom Menino has added a little spice to the dreary spring by opting to go to war with the organizers of Sail Boston -- who appear intent on stiffing taxpayers for the $2 million security bill that comes attached to this summer's Parade of Sail. He fired a verbal cannonade across Sail Boston's bow.
... it's a public safety crisis, because we're not going to be there," a visibly angry Menino said. "When you plan an event of this magnitude, I would think you'd have the finances in hand before you make a commitment, and we were never brought into the financial piece for the last nine months."
That means an estimated 1 million people will be cramming along the harbor -- without police protection or even trash cleanup. I bet Homeland Security Janet Napolitano loves that idea.

A spokeswoman for Sail Boston defiantly hoisted the symbolic extended middle finger and tried to stare down Hizzoner.

"The event is definitely happening; the 50 tall ships are definitely coming," said Sheila Green, a spokeswoman for Sail Boston 2009, a nonprofit group that organized the event.

Just give us a little more time to raise the cash, she says.

Menino is absolutely right to demand the tribute, given the city and state's precarious fiscal state and the fact organizers promised to do better after leaving taxpayers a $1.6 million tab in 2000.

So here's an idea for Sail Boston: Maybe they can blockade the harbor and board the fleet of small boats that will be trying to watch from the water? After all, one of 'em will probably has a chest full of pieces of eight.

Conversely, Menino can order a fleet of Boston fireboats and tugs to set up their own blockade.

Is Johnnie Depp available for an appearance?

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Blogger Ron Newman said...

A better idea:

Hold the event as scheduled. Don't provide any of the dubiously necessary city services Menino thinks are needed to go along with it. I bet the experiment will work out just fine, people will have a good time, and the city will save some tax money to use in better ways.

April 02, 2009 8:43 AM  
Blogger Chris Rich said...

Uuh Sail Boston, there is a depression underway with ballooning deficits at every level of government in Mass already choked by the parade of greedy pocket stuffers from MBTA janitors to senior managers.

Big cumbersome stupid spectacles are better when they rarely occur like once a decade. And pity the fool who buys into any need to be a 'world class' something or other.

The road to fiscal perdition is paved with boosterish hopes to be 'world class', a possibility that abandoned Boston when the last segment of the Erie Canal was completed.

April 04, 2009 1:12 PM  

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