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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some of the news that's fit to print

Following weeks of silence after their threat to shut down the Boston Globe, honchos at the New York Times have deigned to offer a few words on their thinking -- sort of.

New York Times CEO Janet Robinson could not avoid the mandatory conference call with stock analysts after the company offered its dismal quarterly earnings. The Times lost $74.5 million in the quarter, blamed largely on declining ad revenues at the Globe.

But to read the pages of the newspaper of record, you would be hard pressed to learn about the most talked-about crisis in the newspaper world today. The lack of coffee and doughnuts at the Citigroup shareholders meeting is apparently more newsworthy.

Of course, the Globe doesn't use taxpayer dollars to buy front page ads in the Times, requiring editors to make a stronger claim of editorial independence from Young Arthur's floor.

We know the clock is running on the Times' ultimatum to Globe unions to offer up $20 million in concessions or face closure. We don't know how they plan to make up the remaining $65 million gap they claim is there. We also know they don't intend to negotiate in public.

Some of the news that's fit to print. The Times could probably save some short money by jettisoning a spokeswoman who doesn't speak.

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