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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Survivor: Newbury Street

City Weekly and Globe Northwest are history. Health/Science has disappeared into G. The Globe itself is tottering on the brink of extinction.

But we still have the lifestyles of the rich and famous beat.

I know I just could not wait another day to learn that "men were shying away from orange-patterned dress shirts and favoring blue gingham ones, opting for charcoal pinstripe over glen plaid suits."

Taste making a comeback in hard times?

And I am also comforted to know that Ernie Boch Jr., that shy, self-effacing auto mogul/blues musician who works his name into his annoying radio jingles, isn't interested in the limelight, telling Joan Rivers that he didn't want to appear on a new reality show "How Did You Get So Rich?"

What if they renamed it "Survivor: Newbury Street"? I can see it now. The Running of the Scarves at Burberry. Getting a table at Stephanie's. Looking for close-outs at Louis.

Bring it on!

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