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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Times warp

I think I can now explain the total disconnect between Boston and the moguls on 8th Avenue who run the New York Times. They live in a time warp in which Boston is a foreign posting.

How else to explain that on the day the Boston University Terriers take on the Miami University Red Hawks for the NCAA Frozen Four hockey championship, the newspaper of record regales us with a story about the 1989 titlist. And that would be the boys in Crimson from across the river in Cambridge.

The story does manage to name both the Red Hawks and Bemidji State, loving chronicled in the Times a week earlier. No mention of the Terriers or the University of Vermont, also theoretically part of the coverage of the Times' New England edition.

So I can only assume the Times headquarters has been encapsulated in a swirling vortex, a wormhole that has sucked New England into a parallel universe that has transported editors back 20 years to another dimension. (The building has already sucked the cash right out of Young Arthur's bottom line.)

And that would explain why the folks in New York, who are threatening to nuke the one-time major paper they own, are trying to make mailers at the Boston Globe accept salary concessions that would set them back 20 years.

The Times has been what can now only be described as arrogantly silent on the fate of its chattel. This story suggests the folks in midtown Manhattan are as tone deaf on news as they are in business.

So in the spirit of the current religious holiday season, may I paraphrase Moses and ask: Let my city go!

And oh yeah, Go BU!

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