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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bizarro Times

I continue to see the future of news in New England if the New York Times ever carries through on it's now-suspended threat to close the Globe:

Here's the headline of a national brief in today's Times: "Charges Dismissed for Big Dig Company".

Here's the soon-to-be shrunken Globe: "Big Dig company pleads guilty".


Whether the blame lies with the Associated Press for focusing on five dismissed charges and not the 39 to which Modern Continental pleaded guilty -- or the Times' copy editors for not paying attention to the phrase "pleaded guilty to lying about construction defects in another tunnel" -- isn't the issue here.

We know the Time editors actually do read the Boston stepchild: how else do we find a Page One story that once again regales us in "gritty" Allston's battle against the only institution of note in Boston -- Harvard.

But you must ask: If Man's Greatest University didn't exist, would Boston -- particularly in the eyes on 8th Avenue?

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

NYT and Harvard have a lot in common. Both managed to lose vast sums from arrogant ineptitude.

There are craters and wastelands now in Allston as one impact of bad Harvard investment strategy choked its Allston Expansion.

But the Globe and Boston would probably be that arrogant if it won the city location lottery long ago.

I was surprised to get the first account of the text imbecile trolley crash from an LA TIMES feed...huh???

I checked locals..nothing til this morning. I imagine it was on WBZ News radio but they're despicable and I'm looking at patterns of efficacy from news dailies here.

This suggests the underlying problem with Boston dailies..how did the LA Times scoop the locals?

The Globe doesn't seem to know how to use it's web presence to offset the fluff driven content in its print pages.

You often regret the decline of metro area local coverage and yet a website is a perfect place to park them. The Globe could even apply aggregator methods itself.

Imagine if it made itself an ultimate portal of all useful regional news. People would flock to it as a landing page which is the precondition for ad revenue.

Newspapers seem to ineptly use the most valuable aspects of web 2 while overusing the worst like pop up ads.

May 09, 2009 9:11 AM  

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