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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Get a piece of the rock

We always hear references to New Hampshire natives as "flinty." Does that mean they have rocks in their head?

That's one image to conjure up with the news that an architect wants to build a glass and steel replica to the Old Man in the Mountain, who passed from this mortal coil six years ago tomorrow.
Channeling more of "Star Wars" than stonework, the 45-foot-tall structure - a New Age face transplant, if you will - would feature 250 suspended glass panels, an interior skywalk, and even a waterfall created from diverted rainwater.
Price tag? No one is saying. That's because the preferred monument to the monument is a $5 million stone memorial on the ground and not up in the air.

Either way, that's expecting Massachusetts residents will be buying a lot of booze and butts, isn't it?

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