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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The hits just keep on coming

Let me see if I got this straight: The Herald randomly selects 30 MBTA operators under the age of 30 and 29 of them have accidents and violations on their records?

Does that organization do any employment screening in a key area of interest?

Heaven knows bad driving is a way of life around here, something we almost wear as a badge of honor. But should the people who operate our buses, trolleys and trains be among the leaders in that dubious distinction?

I mean isn't that the 180-degree opposite of hiring the right person for the job for an organization that is supposed the safely transport people from Point A to Point B?

It's not a lot of comfort to me that the Herald selected operators under 30. After all, depending how old they were when they were hired, many of them can depart for greener pastures at the age of 43.

It's a sad statement that so many of us driving badly as a badge of honor. But should those Massholes be responsible for the lives of innocent people on their vehicle -- and those of other people on the road?

What are the hiring standards related to moving violations anyway?



Blogger Chris Rich said...

I just did one of my periodic bus runs from Harvard Square to Arlington, (I never wanted to drive in the Masshole road frenzy).

So it was like a parade of dynamic dysfunction.

I get to the Harvard station and head to the machines to feed charley.

Once again, they can't accept a debit card, (instant approved money). The machines are the linchpin of paying for the ride and seem to be broken about 1/3rd of the time.

So, broken gear, check.

Then the trip is a wash of addled boobs who ignore the repeated requests to exit via rear and many comic collisions ensue.

Crappy operations planning and useless signs..check.

On the way back, the driver is yapping avidly with a coworker about hair vanity mysteries and has turned off the announcing system so no one gets the handy reminders of a bus stop street location.

Incompetent Drivers, Check.

And then it gets funnier. A morbidly obese woman with a pile of stuff, (a 300 pounder), actually does use the rear door exit and the oblivious yapping driver, engrossed in complex hair methodology seminar prematurely closes the door squeezing the morbidly obese woman and an angry squeal ensues whereupon the ditz driver emits a few hasty 'Sorry's' and then her and hair obsessed coworker laugh and deride the hapless heffalump as soon as she's out of earshot..

Incompetent AND surly..check.

A regular trifecta

May 26, 2009 1:16 PM  

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