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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Refreshing candor

Senate President Terry Murray is speaking her mind again, with a bit of refreshing if infuriating candor: the 25 percent increase in the sales tax is not going to be a solution to the Mass. Pike problems and toll hikes are still likely.
“It’s not going to be enough for really anything going forward.”
So, like the Massachusetts Highway System and the penny-on-the-sales tax earmark for the MBTA before it, the Legislature is proposing a stop-gap expediency that will punt the essential reform down the road.

It also appears likely to be a pooch punt. Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundations President Mike Widmer estimates the "solution" is only good for two years.
“It would head off the need for this toll increase, but not toll increases going forward.”
Do lawmakers think the economy will improve enough in two years so taxpayers/toll payers will tolerate another increase? If so, they must reading something different from the rest of us. Or are they just looking to dodge the reform bullet yet againn in the hope something magical happens again?

Isn't time for a solution that really solves a problem?

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