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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Send him the bills

For once I agree with Dan Grabauskas.

The 24-year-old bozo who was texting while be was supposed to be operating a Green Line train should be more than fired.

He should be held responsible for the cost of the massive police, fire and EMS turnout. He should pay the medical bills of everyone injured. He should reimburse people with tickets to the Red Sox or other events for the events they never got to.

But I do have one question. I thought there was no cell phone reception in the Green Line tunnels?

If it's a little secret, maybe we need the same bozos who knocked out service in the O'Neill Tunnel to hit the T. If we can time a little time in our lives not to yak on the phone or fiddle with our BlackBerries maybe we can actually also learn to be nicer (and considerate) to others.

Is that asking too much? Probably.

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