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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Speaking of rocks in the head

What is it going to take Massachusetts legislators to understand that the time for change is long overdue?

The image of healthy lawmakers retiring with early, enhanced pensions in their 40s to pursue a second career -- after they decided to leave office (or have voters toss them out) -- just is not going to fly.

I have frequently defended public employees from the bile heaped their way. Most are civil servants or public spirited people who work for less than they could command in the private sector. An extra holiday here or there or a break on the health insurance premiums was a reasonable perk.

Gaming the system for pension benefit
s no one else is capable of collecting is not reasonable. And the "reforms" passed by lawmakers don't seem to do much to stop it.

And a special No Profile in Courage Award to Treasurer Tim, who proclaims "I can say that we will not shy away from making difficult decisions" but ducks a live interview with the Globe to respond by e-mail.

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